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How to choose a chair and a desk for your child
In this post we will have a look at criteria of choosing a desk and a chair for your child. Buy only quality furniture on Jiji! Jiji is one of the largest marketplaces in Nigeria! Here you will find all kinds of goods in all kinds of categories at the lowest prices!
Desk ergonomics

When choosing a table for your child, you must be aware of some basic rules. First of all, note its height. To determine the correct height of a desk, your child should be able to sit at the desk and put their hands on it.
The correct table height would be if the child's shoulder line will be straight. If the shoulders will be raised, then the table is too high, if the shoulders will be lowered – then it is too low. Long sitting at the table with incorrectly chosen height causes the damage of intervertebral cervical caps, which inevitably will cause pain in the neck.

Experts recommend buying a table with adjusted height, the so-called desk-transformer. Table size should freely “host” a notebook and an unfolded book, so don't try to save on the size of a table. The child should feel comfortable.

What to choose: a chair or an armchair?

One should not think that buying a large soft armchair you'll help your child feel comfortable. It is worth remembering about some peculiarities of the structure of child`s spine, because it has a special form — it has two natural bends forward- one at the neck and one at the waist. While continuous sitting in a big soft chair child's spine is bent incorrectly. In the future it leads to deformation and severe back pain.

Therefore it is worth to observe the principles of proper selection of chair for your child. When selecting a chair for learning it is worth considering that the back bends forward so that the child, sitting close, hold hi back straight. This backrest guarantees the natural curvature of the back.
Features that cannot be ignored

· The angle between the hip and the thigh should be right, and the foot should also stand at right angle to the floor.

· Backrest height should be adjusted by height and end at the level of the middle of the shoulder blades. This backrest height will keep child's spine in the correct position.

· There shouldn't be armrests for children's stool or chair, because they cannot be adjusted, and the child using them will damage his spine, which will result in pain.

And remember! If you take a responsible approach to purchasing these necessary children's room furnishings, you can be sure that the child will have a healthy spine and won`t have scoliosis.

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